New Aluminum Enclosure Samples

This morning I got some new pictures, courtesy of the new machinist.  They will be sent to me this week.  The sample pieces are not going to be anodized because there is a minimum order of $50.00 from the place that will be doing it.  Here’s some eye candy!

Enclosure 1

Enclosure 1

Enclosure 2

Enclosure 2


2 Responses to New Aluminum Enclosure Samples

  1. Shauna says:

    The AL box does look good. But I wanted to share there are companies like the one I work with that have off-the-shelf enclosures for much less then it typically costs to have one machined. I know New Age Enclosures has a new 4″ x 4″ x 1.5″. In addition they are able to cut any openings you need into it. They will even build new enclosures to meet a specific size requirement.

    • nilokproductions says:


      I have looked at New Age Enclosures while searching for an enclosure to suit my needs. I did not find any that were close enough to my requirements to design a circuit board around. Typically, companies like that require a significantly higher minimum order than I can afford right now. The aluminum enclosures do look really good so far though and I’m really pleased with them!

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