Solder Paste, First Prototype

Circuit Board

Circuit Board

This afternoon I decided to take the leap on my first prototype board that I received a few days ago in the mail.  After testing to make sure all the components fit properly, I put some solder paste on the board and carefully placed all the components with my fancy tweezers.

When I put it in the toaster oven, however, it would not reflow.  I had it baking for quite a while at 450 degrees and the solder simply would not melt.  When I removed the board after a few minutes, the USB connector fell right off — meaning that I was right, the solder did not melt.

I guess my solder paste has gone bad!  I ordered a sample from EFD in the meantime.

Now I need to find another way to see if my circuit will work properly!  Guess I’ll have to pull out the soldering iron some time soon.


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