Received Enclosure, Ordered Parts

At the beginning of the week I received the aluminum enclosure and the attempted plastic enclosure.  While I do like the idea of plastic (non-conductive, easier to apply a sticker to, cheaper, not anodized), it simply will not work and the quality is sub-standard due to the difficulty involved in cutting.  I have to stick to the aluminum enclosure.

I also placed orders for most of the components.  I ordered enough parts to complete at least 20 units.  I got 50 USB connectors, 20 crystals, 2100 resistors, and 600 capacitors.  I did only order 100 connectors though, and at 13 per board, that gives me enough to make 7.  I will order more in the future though when I make sure the fitting is right!

I am going to place an order for the circuits this week and see how it all goes!  I feel as if I should get a sample board working first, but at the price of prototypes it really isn’t worth it!

I also contacted SparkFun recently.  They are a wonderful distributor of electronics supplies, geared towards the hobbyist.  I always check their tutorials and new product posts and I asked to see if they would be interested in stocking my product!  Guess I’ll have to wait a bit to hear an answer!  Wish me luck.


One Response to Received Enclosure, Ordered Parts

  1. Colin hello. I recently came across your Blog entries and I wanted to share my information with you. I work for an Enclosure company, New Age Enclosures, located in San Luis Obispo California and we are currently working on a new design and it’s very similar to the one you are working on. It hasn’t been released yet, we are currently working on the SLA, but you may want to check out our website and If you would like I can notify you once the design is complete. If you would like more information or the PDF let me know and i’d be happy to share it with you.

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