Enclosure Designed

Today I finally finished my enclosure design!  I exported an image of it and copied it below.  It is a two-part enclosure, the top half is shown in blue and the bottom half is gray:

SolidWorks 3D Assembly

SolidWorks 3D Assembly

I decided to make the final enclosure 3″ by 3″ by (I think) 0.66″.  The material (plastic or aluminum) is 1/8″ thick all around with cutouts on each side.  The bottom side and the two sides each have one long cut out for 4 connectors while the top side (in the picture) has 1 cut out for power and 1 cut out for USB.  The top piece (the blue one) has an engraving that measures 2″ by 2″ for a sticker with a barcode and product information.  It also contains 4 screw holes.  The screws that I used are #4 – 40 black anodized, flat top, hex socket screws.  The screws are half an inch long and will go from the top, through the circuit board inside, and into the bottom piece to hold it all together.

I am actually really excited to get these made.  Once I get my samples, I can start to see my product coming together!  Then I’ll have to order the screws and make the stickers and order the circuit boards and the parts to go inside them.

The next step is to re-design the circuit board.  I completely forgot about doing the circuit board for inside.  This should be interesting.  I’ll have to wait and see what the manufacturer says about my enclosure design before I get too excited about designing the PCB around it.  I hope it fits.


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